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Deep Tissue Massage

Escape the World for a Little While With a Deep Tissue Massage

When you go on vacation, how do you feel? Do you get that sense that you have managed to escape the real world, the stresses, and aggravations we deal with daily, just for a little bit? When you think about a deep tissue massage, you want to put it into that type of context as well. It is about going to a place where you can forget about the outside world, experience something that takes you somewhere else.


*A deep tissue massage is the ultimate way to relax. We can help you forget about everything and put you in a state where you feel calm, extremely relaxed. The music, the calming setting, and the work our team of professionals do at Wellness Studio J’adore can help place you and your mind anywhere it wants to be, feeling better every minute that passes by during the experience.


Tel:       +353 83 472 8545

89 Parnell Street, 1st floor Dublin 01

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      Wednesday - Friday

      10am - 9pm

     Saturday - Sunday

      10am - 7.00pm


     Monday & Tuesday



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