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Back Neck Shoulders Massage

Easing Pain with a Massage Focused on the Neck and Shoulders

The whole concept of a massage is something that often comes with a lot of confusion from folks in Dublin, Ireland and abroad. When you think about a massage, you think of it as giving yourself a treat, trying to escape the world to a luxury experience. A massage can do a lot more than that though, especially a back neck shoulders massage focused on those key areas of the body.


Your back neck shoulders massage comes with the intent of trying to ease the weight that rests on them. The weight of the world really can sit on those areas of your person and a massage can help to take a lot of that weight away, out of the picture.


Our team at Wellness Studio J’adore wants to give you a relax massage you have been seeking. It is not about luxury, instead, it is actually about healing, being healthier, and happier across the board. Our professional therapists can treat you with a relax massage that is a true gift to yourself and a gift of value.


When you enter our studio, you may have stress in the neck and shoulders, pressure on them, maybe even pain. Our goal at Wellness Studio J’adore is to help you leave there feeling as if you are a whole new person all over again. With a massage, you really can live the life you deserve and help your person be in a state to fulfill yourself with all sorts of positive love, passion, health, and even financial prosperity into the future. You need to be the best version of you to do all of this and a massage assists greatly!


Tel:       +353 83 472 8545

89 Parnell Street, 1st floor Dublin 01

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      10am - 9pm

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